Just out

By Larissa Lai | August 7, 2010

New work in Chroma and Cineaction

BC Book Prizes: The Morning After

By Larissa Lai | April 25, 2010

Well, neither Charlie Demers nor I took the cake, but it was an enjoyable night nonetheless. The Evans Prize went to Lorna Crozier. The Livesay Prize went to Fred Wah. I haven’t read the Evans books so I can’t say whether that seems right or not. But if I couldn’t win the Livesay, I think…

Coming Round the Mountain

By Larissa Lai | February 28, 2010

Whoever is responsible for making time fly needs to go for drug screening. Where did my two weeks go? The highlight of the break for me was In(ter)ventions: Literary Practice at the Edge, a conference of experimental and digital writing at the Banff Centre. It was really exciting to see all the things that people…

Sybil Unrest reviewed at Agora

By Larissa Lai | October 17, 2009

Read a review of sybil unrest by Cris Costa for Agora here. This is the same review published by Memewar earlier this year.

Sybil Unrest reviewed in Chroma

By Larissa Lai | October 7, 2009

Read Sophie Mayer’s review of Sybil Unrest in Chroma here.

Short Line Reading tonight

By Larissa Lai | September 15, 2009

With Aubyn Rader, Ashok Mathur, Fred Wah and yours truly. 6:30 – 8:30 at the Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver. Long time since I blogged, though it’s been an eventful summer. Highlights: Shanghai International Writers’ Festival, Queer Literary Kinship conference in Ghent, and the TransCanada3 conference in Sackville, New Brunswick, plus travels to Seal…


By Larissa Lai | June 10, 2009

Great slippery infectious ones against StoryMill, for wiping out three days worth of writing through a simple slip of the mouse. It’s my fault for not realizing that the scene bubbles in Timeline are actually attached to real scenes in the Scene view. Delete a bubble lose your scene. Delete a bunch of bubbles, lose…

Launch for Eggs in the Basement this Friday!

By Larissa Lai | May 6, 2009

Please join Nomados for a poetry reading and book launch with Kim Duff and Larissa Lai at 7:30 on Friday May 8 at 1067 Granville Street, alley entrance. BYOB Kim Duff is a PhD student at the University of British Columbia and a researcher of avant-garde poetry and global spatial logic. Her dissertation focuses on…