you can’t fix it, but it still matters what you see

By Larissa Lai | September 3, 2005

Just finished Dionne Brand’s What We All Long For. Devastating and amazing. It begins in the 1970s with a Vietnamese family losing their youngest son as they board a boat for a refugee camp. But it is mostly about a group of brown, twenty-something friends negotiating relationships– to family, to one another, to art, to…

By Larissa Lai | August 27, 2005

with Monika Gagnon in New Denver 

my virtual life

By Larissa Lai | August 27, 2005

Kids these days… They hang out at Kinko’s after midnight for cheap photocopying. They write their own html code. Me, I had the hang of Dreamweaver for a second, until they changed something on the server, and then bang! No more website, and no patience to sit down and figure it out again. Today my…