settling in

much help from my dad yesterday, assembling desk and storage units. my mother packed me a bunch of groceries. it’s been great having their help and hanging out with them. i’m looking forward to having a normal leg soon though. this healing business takes forever.

ashok breezed into town yesterday too. met him for a drink at stella’s, a belgian beer and tapas place on the corner where santo’s used to be years ago. it’s odd being back on the drive and experiencing it as a stranger. there are neighbourhood stories attached to these locations– about workers getting sexually assaulted at santo’s, about two women getting kicked out of joe’s cafe across the street for kissing… haven’t thought about these things for years. a few of the old businesses are still there, but a lot has changed. and yet the street feels the same. me and my robot leg went to sweet cherubim this morning in search of breakfast. they have the cereal i like, that kind that comes in the green eco-friendly bag. but not the kind of tea i wanted, the good old newfoundland orange pekoe kind that you drink with canned milk.

reading for sunburst, thinking about projects for the residency. it’s grey and dark out. i feel sleepy.

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