seeing i2i

i’m at the banff centre. i have a beautiful studio in the middle of the forest, with windows all around. it’s so peaceful and quiet. friends and colleagues– sita rajkummar, melina baum singer, ken singer, and lily cho– are here for an installment of i2i, a project ashok mathur is running through his crc at thompson rivers university in kamploops. trying to write poetry, which is not a luxury, though it sometimes feels like it.

my friend leila sujir is also here working on this amazing 3D video installation about venice, trade routes, and globalization. i’ve just come from a studio visit. it’s amazing on so many levels– where the technology is at and how she is thinking about space, motion, and politics. baco ohama is here too, but i haven’t caught up with her yet.

madcap drive across the rockies yesterday. i had sfu residency stuff on tuesday, so had only one day to do the roadtrip. i started at 6 am. sick! wildlife spotted by the side of the road: 1 coyote, 2 deer, 3 mountain goats, a young elk. stopped in the middle somewhere for walk beside a still, peaceful lake.

feeling more open again, finally. soaking up ideas, energies. nice to be in this, especially after the panic on tuesday of my committee’s copies of the diss going missing somewhere in the university of calgary internal mail system.

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