rime with reimer

hung out with nikki reimer at a cozy supper club on the drive last night. it’s called “rime.” trio ochs, an experimental group featuring saxophone, cello and dulcimer was playing. we ate turkish food. i was curious about a dish purported to come from an ottoman empire cookbook. the dish is made with grape molasses, orange zest, green apple and lamb. did not try it. ate kebabs made with pistachios. next time.

it’s been a decadent eating adventure this week. went to my favorite vancouver restaurant, gyoza king, the night before with my friend lenny. his last night in the rain. gyoza king is a sort of snowboarder children’s japanese nouveau cuisine place. i live for the tuna tataki. and salt grilled mackerel. have i ever missed the food here!

thank goodness i’ve also been productive so i needn’t feel so guilty about my indulgences. i’m working away on the no name novel. can’t come up with a title to save my life, but thanks to the comments of the diligent frances kruk, the gaps are slowly getting filled in.

i also had to move offices yesterday. not sure what happened there. but i now have a corner office that i share with my friend david chariandy, who is not teaching this semester. (david has what sounds like a very interesting novel in the works, and is on his way to trinidad to do research. go david!)

my physio has given me the go ahead to do yoga and go to the gym. so yesterday i went to my first ashtanga-based class (they call it power yoga here) at the gym across the park. it felt so great to practice. one more week in the aircast, aka my robot leg. almost human.

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