legally contradictory

Good Larissa would be at the the poetry bash for Wordfest tonight. Bad Larissa is at home drinking wine staring into space. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was working on my lesson plan for the Instructional Skills Workshop tomorrow. It was good to do. In one of the French venues they want me to talk about the construction of female characters in my work, in feminist terms. But straight ahead is not my way of working. So I’m puzzling out how to speak in layers in a way that doesn’t lose or frighten people.
Went to hear four younger writers — Craig Davidson, Jenny Erpernbeck, Sheila Heti and Melanie Little read at Wordfest this afternoon. Got into an argument with Rudy Wiebe about appropriation, an argument I could probably have done without. Had lunch with my lovely, sweet and very encouraging editor Patrick Crean afterwards.
Had my hair cut. It makes a big difference having a haircutter I like. Chilling out in a world of easy middle class female pleasure. Why are these things so comforting? OMG I’m sounding legally blonde…

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