just add water

more rain. i’m ready to start killing kittens.

cool events of the past week:

the opening of cindy mochizuki’s “wake” at video in on thursday. it’s a video installation piece about a murder at the pool on the pne grounds in vancouver, where japanese canadians were held during the war, in preparation for internment. there’s a detective searching for the truth, and a witness who insists on the importance of memory, however fragmented, broken and inconsistent. very interesting in relation to recent psychoanalytic work on trauma and memory. also in terms of local history. it’s a new take on internment history from a smart, sensitive young artist. worth checking out.

the launch of steve collis’s _anarchive_ at the new spartacus books on saturday. engages the history of the spanish civil war, the anarchist revolution that erupted in the middle of it, and much of the experimentation in art at poetry at that moment.

it’s great to be back in an environment where people are actively confronting the hard parts of history. i’ll survive the rain.

after steve’s reading, sophie, david, rita and i went to check out a potential venue for my writer-in-res reception early next month. then– more fabulous late night snacks,this time at zakkushi on denman.

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