fruit chips, electronic blips

There was an interview on CBC Radio this morning with the infamous impresario Malcolm McLaren who manufactured one of Britain’s earliest boy bands, The Sex Pistols. (I guess you could argue that The Beatles were a manufactured boy band… May be it goes back even further than that. Rock geeks out there?) His latest project is a Beijing-based girl band called the Wild Strawberries, who premiered in Florence last month performing a punked-out version of Hendrix’s Foxy Lady, with sounds borrowed from old Gameboys and other early electronic games, an addition which McLaren claims has spawned a new genre called “chip music.” Much talk about the innocence and naivite of Chinese punk culture, as a pale imitation of a much hipper late 70s early 80s British version. Grrr. What if it is just different? Then again, may be that’s just a handy, irritating spin in true McLaren style. In a recent interview with The Guardian, he said he preferred working with people to working with inert materials, like Damien Hirst’s dead shark. “The only problem is that people don’t like being used.” Well, that’s right. And in the meantime, what about the members of Wild Strawberries? May be they are robots. But robots have feelings too.
Hey, do you remember that moment in the seventies when Hostess put out a range of fruit flavoured potato chips? I remember grape, lime and orange. Was there strawberry too?

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