front window

Yay! I woke up this morning with an idea for a new novel, and wrote about five pages of it. Of course, you don’t know if you actually have something until you’ve got at least fifty, but it feels good today. I’m really looking forward to my residency at SFU next year, when I’ll have real time to write.

Today’s job: blurb for Miss Lamp, a new novel by Chris Ewart coming out off Coach House Press in the new year. Big applause for Chris! Miss Lamp is delightful.

I called the orthopaedic surgeon today too, trying to see if I could talk her into letting me out of my cast early. I can move my toes, and the tendon feels like it has properly reattached. Why let the calf muscle atrophy any more than it has to? The cast locks my foot in at this awkward, semi-flexed position– I guess precisely so I won’t walk on it. Want to walk! Aaaah!

Watched Rear Window the other night. Soon I’m going to start making up paranoid stories about my neighbour murdering and dismembering his wife. Now if only Grace Kelly would start pestering me to marry her…

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