a send off

threshold of the year, exit pass from childhood’s second helping, can’t let go. paper tugs, that’s easy, and not, when you can’t control it. lochie bounces tigger. he’ll be much longer the next time you see him. moments when you just know, past hallmarks sentiment, here’s a connect. this is what you need. sometimes it’s a miss, but that’s a connect too, miss you, miss the boat, fresh off the. miss lam, miss lamp, missile defence. miss mr, michael thinks all babies are ecstatic, lights wonder in wide wide pupils. i dangle from the magical mystery tower, weakness in one hand, smart remark in the other, waiting for the explosion. carm’s content, her settled. j weeping in the doorway. time catches its latch, translation loses limbs. the pieces keep falling in and out of place.

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