Surprisingly not jetlagged. Quick visit to the Market of the Handicapped (that’d be me…) that sells local crafts, teas, jade etc. I’d like to bring some tea back, still trying to figure out where to buy it and how.

Went to the 228 Memorial Park and Museum afterwards. February 28, 1947 was the start date of a 2 month killing spree undertaken by the KMT government in attempt to quell civil discontent. 28,000 people across the island of Taiwan were killed. Those remaining were forbidden to speak about it until the lifting of martial law in the 1980s.

Taiwan has suffered waves of imperialism, beginning with the Dutch in the 1600s, then the Spanish, then the Ching dynasty, then the Japanese, then the KMT (Republic of China.) Interesting the way national identifications get contructed here, depending on aboriginal status or wave of immigration. Looking forward to talking to people about these things. Still digesting the import of this history.

Have lots of photos. Can’t get them up through Hello, Flickr or Blogger itself. Grr. Macs are not better.

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