the other ending

was all about doctrine. said the right did the the left. it’s not about you. it is about you but now that you’re gone we’ll say anything and it won’t be pretty. ideological imagination smashes systems runs petty antics you thought you left taped inside your locker. if it doesn’t come back is it because we’ve sold out? we don’t know or don’t say it. don’t act on it, it might be a bomb. if it does come back we’re all casualties. i’m much too tired. walking hounded up the stairs down the stairs almost there you can taste taste. but you know what that’s about. the grip of an older handshake. we all know what quality is. then we encounter skin and all its marks. i’m glad i don’t have to go back. is it safe in here? up there? physical breakage, that’s the tower. mr e pulls 2 cups. p says the anxiety is pointless, but that’s not the point. another pint proof against imbalance and nutritious too.

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