the level of the cell

My Achilles heel is the taking on of too much stuff. The world is so full of possibility, it’s hard not to take the biggest bite possible. Much as though I’ve been griping about my confinement, it’s been good to rest.

Now– trying to sort out my talk for the Asian trip next week. Trying to work through the Deleuzian idea of “a people to come,” as a useful way of thinking through the liberatory subject. The “people to come” draws its subjectivity not just from the traumas of the past but also from the possibility of the future. So my Evie, as fully a product of all the abuses of colonialism, militarism, and capitalism is nonetheless biological in a way that exceeds the ability of any of these systems to define and control. Evie isn’t very nice. But who said nice was necessary or useful? To be unpredictable at the level of the cell– is that a way getting freedom back?

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