slowing the fast worm

There are days when the impending change is altogether too much, and I can’t quite breathe. I don’t want to work for fear of making the change happen faster. But not to change is to stagnate, and that’s worse.
So I read. I finish Ruth Ozeki’s All Over Creation. She cares about a lot of the stuff I do– corporate incursions into our bodies and food supply, right down to the level of DNA, farming practices, race, gender, resistance. It’s a lovely book. A bit too straight to really turn my crank, but informative and well-crafted.
Recently discovered Tim Buckley, and listen to that while I read. All the tragic, honey-voiced boys…
Feist, btw, was awesome. So was dinner. Afterwards, hanging out with my more musical friends, listening to them play, I turn my spinning brain down to much fewer rpms, and close my eyes. Rest is good.

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