Progressive Texts

It was really inspiring hearing (and hosting) Dionne Brand and Rita Wong at Play Chthonics last night. It feels this week as if a world that recognizes justice, beauty and hope is re-emerging after decades of hiding underground.

Upcoming on February 19 : ” Progressive Texts”– an event to launch two special issues of West Coast Line: Active Geographies: Women and Struggles on the Left Coast, edited by Rita Wong and Joanne Lee; Citizenship and Cultural Belonging, edited by Sophie McCall and David Chariandy; The Artist and the Moose: A Fable of Forget by Roy Kiyooka, edited by Roy Miki; and Sybil Unrest by Rita Wong and Larissa Lai.

Thursday, February 19

The ANZA Club

3 West 8th Ave.


Doors: 7:30pm

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