parking lot on the edge of enlightenment

the whole city is one big traffic jam, but i am allowed to practice yoga again and i am oh so zen. stuffing my face like a happy little piglet with all manner of west coast delicacies– fish cake from mui garden, bagels and rugulas (sp?) from solly’s, shredded pork chow mein from the halleluyah (a cafe that very nearly almost beats jeff buckley’s rendition of the leonard cohen song). it was a comedy of errors trying to pick my sister up from the airport, but she is here now. different family members have been taking turns playing chauffeur. my car purchase earlier this year has achieved high approval ratings. movers arrive tomorrow. i’m looking forward to sleeping in my new room in my new house, where i will live with a boy, a girl, a dog and a cat. i’m scared of the cat, but as long as it stays downstairs i’m sure all will be well. several much loved members of the calgary community have also recently arrived to smooth the landing. calls from old vancouver/constantly-in-transit friends bode well for entry into this new episode of my west coast life.

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