one day in van and the world’s your oyster

Sushi on the Drive, Magpie Magazines, High Life Records. It’s fall here and there are orange and brown leaves scattered all over the sidewalks. I had my first wipe out–slipped on some wet red brick in front of a new clothing store beside Cafe de Soleil.

I’ve found myself a really cool place to live– a loft room with its own bathroom in a cute little house just off Victoria. I’ll live with Aimee of the many hats (doula, massage therapist, artist’s model, carpenter), and Kevin (poet and transcriber of conferences), a dog called Chester Brown and a cat (who I’m a bit scared to meet, but it should be ok).

After visiting the house, I crutched back to Cafe de Soleil, drank a blueberry and banana smoothie and read a goodly chunk of Neil Stephenson’s Diamond Age. Then off to Gyoza King, my favourite Vancouver restaurant, with the marvellous and generous Rita Wong, who has just passed another birthday.

I’ve caught a bit of a cold. The body has not been cooperating these days…

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