new old old new

all my worldly, or at least, the portion of it that i chose to pack, arrived yesterday at the new house off victoria drive. the new roommates were around, and seem chill and nice. aimee, the doula, attended a birth a few days ago and was telling me about it. she seems like a woman whose life is full of magical moments.

yay for minimove, recommended to me by janet neigh, who never gets these kinds of things wrong. everything arrived dry and intact. there are a lot of books to unpack, decisions to be made about my archive, and many many novels to read for the sunburst award, which i am jurying this year. i’m too tired to be worried about it, but the box of eligible books is big, and there are apparently two more coming. ok, i’m a little worried about it.

the movers were late, but they called to let me know. my family and i went to pondok, this amazing indonesian restaurant on commercial drive that belongs to the family of my friend nancy pang (whom i haven’t seen in years. are you out there, nancy?) the nasi goreng and laksa ayam were amazing. afterwards we went to the santa barbara market and wandered down to dutch girl chocolates in the piss pouring rain. old haunts in a wet haunted city. it was nice to share it all with my family, even if they were disgruntled by the traffic and the sog. people stared at my robot leg, but i don’t care.

i’ll have christmas eve supper tonight with roy and slav, their daughter elise and niece danni.

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