names of things

Names of things get away on me when there is too much on my plate. I can’t remember films I’ve seen, books I’ve read, cds I’ve listened too. Sometimes I can’t even remember the names of friends and family. The hard drive is overloaded. I need a reboot.
Saw Atom Egoyan’s new film Where the Truth Lies last night. (Yes, I had to google it to remember.) Interesting use of narration– lots of it– voice of god style, but all unreliable. Lots of nice contradiction between image and text. Amazing sets– but ask my architecture and design friends about what was what.
Friend, collaborator and hobbit extraoridinaire Myron Campbell is passing through town. Went to see Black Mountain with him tonight. We have a few projects up our sleeves– can’t wait ’til there’s time free and clear to do the work.
Right now– prepping talks for Europe and Asia. It’s a strange trip, trying to contextualize one’s own work. Always uncomfortable. But it forces me to think about what I’m doing.
Booked the Asia tix today. This is really happening.
Looking forward to Orphan’s Thanksgiving at the pink house on Saturday, and Feist’s concert. Working hard, playing hard, still somehow coherent. Almost, anyway.

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