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Lots of travels and projects on the go. Interesting stuff in the next bit:

Serial Accomodations: Diasporic Asian Women’s Writing, a symposium at the Choi Bldg, UBC, March 9-10

2007: Anniversaries of Change, conference to mark (among other things) the centennary of 1907 anti-Asian Vancouver Riots, March 15-17

I’m on to San Francisco this weekend just to catch little sun and visit my sound-singer friend, Chris Tonelli. The following weekend, off to Miami to do a class visit and see Rita Wong, who is teaching there for the year.

A nice invitation recently to a conference in Frankfurt this April called Negotiating Diversity: Transatlantic Exchanges Between Canada and Europe.

I’ve been house hunting a little. I need more light! I need sun, coffee shops, people. The housing market in this city is so depressing. Let me know if you hear of anything.

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