Machine Dreams reading at Harvard

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Machine Dreams is a podcast series created by an English undergraduate seminar run by Margaret Rhee in the Department of English at Harvard University. Larissa was invited to read for the series, and the podcast was published this week. From the series website:

Poet and novelist Larissa Lai reads from and discusses her book Automaton Biographies, which she describes is organized around the question of “Who gets to be human, and when?” She discusses why the character Rachel, from Blade Runner, allowed her rethink the writing of autobiography, poetry as a way to convey an expression of cyborg being through an “intentionally awkward way of being in English,” and both race- and species-based dehumanization in science fiction and neocolonial contexts in her poem “Ham,” titled after the chimpanzee sent into space.

Hear Larissa’s reading, along with six other very interesting podcasts from Margaret’s course, at the Machine Dreams website, or listen to Larissa here:

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