lateral thinking, lateral living

Yesterday was a day full of technological glitches and general discombobulation. I got locked in the Learning Commons at school. Actually there were side doors I could I have gotten out of, but I didn’t notice. Fixated on going out the front door and very frustrated to find I couldn’t. There’s a lesson in lateral thinking…
Worked out an interactive talk on a the female characters in my work, and my own wide-open feminist practice, as requested, for that talk in France. I think it’ll work.
Afterwards ate sushi and watched Werner Herzog’s new film Grizzly Man with my friend Jay. Odd film– very self-reflexive– much more about human egos and the practice of filmmaking than about bears. Although there was some amazing footage of the bears. Timothy Treadwell, the Grizzly Man of the title, was an interesting character– sweet, naive, self-absorbed, but truly in love with the bears.
I should have gone home and gone to sleep afterwards, but was lured out by boys with guitars.

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