my friend glen lowry, who has just moved over from coquitlam college to emily carr institute of art and design (yay, glen!) and is doing many great things there, recently turned me on to the work of brian lamb:
abject learning
surfing that site, i found this:

there is cool stuff out there!

while i’m on the subject of one of the great movers and shakers (glen lowry) at west coast line, i should mention that i ran into another– michael barnholden– at the thakore event two nights ago. mike told me that west coast line books has just sent its first four books, from four important vancouver writers– reg johansson, roger farr, natalie simpson and garry morse– to press.

also recently released is the first commodore book, a book of short fiction by fred booker called adventures in debt collection. (how many books can you fit in a single sentence?) commodore is a project of three quiet but brilliant people– wayde compton, karina vernon and david chariandy– who are deeply committed to black history in the western canada. congratulations you guys! i’m buying you each a megaphone.

and now for a complete non-sequitur: has anybody out there noticed how terrible peaches are this year? you buy them, they look good, and then they are all pulpy inside. i have a thing about pulpy fruit– it brings on total puke reflex, worse than rotten meat, or rodents or any number of unpleasant things i could name. how do they get like that? why do i find it so repellant? there must be a good psychoanalytic explanation.

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