joy, light

late xmas night, hanging with my sis.

i spent xmas eve with roy, slav, their daughter elise and niece danielle, eating sushi and drinking wine. long talk with slav about soul work and true paths. she belongs to a metaphysical church and has a very different way of knowing the world than i do. but conversations with her always move and change things for me in ways that are never predictable but always productive. after supper we pulled runes inscribed on strips of paper and tied with red yarn from a basket she’d prepared. excerpt from mine:

joy, light 12
“… your term of travail has ended and you have come to understand yourself in some regard…the shift that was due in your life has occurred… it is time to take your earned lightness and joy and enrich the life of others…”

bodes well, yes?

i fell asleep in the new house to the sound of rain on the rooftop. woke this morning and had a bath in my new deep tub. breakfast at a miraculously open cafe on the drive. my mom and sister picked me up and we went to see the picasso exhibit at the vag. supper with the whole family. the gastronomic adventure continues– peking duck, salt and pepper crab, scallops and snow peas, jellyfish, pork hock. port and dutch girl chocolates at home afterwards. yum.

opened the box of sunburst books this morning. it was very full. i’ve started reading. wish i could talk about it, but it’s all confidential until the award is announced.

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