holy moly

i was just checking my mailbox at school. garry morse mentioned awhile ago that he was making a package for me, which i thought was nice, but then didn’t think about it again. well, i just got the package. there are seventeen– count ’em– seventeen chapbooks– in it!! i’m not impressed by production for the sake of production, but from the flipping i’ve done so far, they all look interesting and good. holy crowsfeet with the crows attached!

also in my box a nice card from hui-ling lin, who heard me read poetry at serial accomodations a few weeks ago. i should check my mail more often.

in others news, pending canada council funding, we’ve got our cash for play chthonics. the english department and canadian studies both offered money this week. fingers crossed. this is gonna be a cool series.

off to frankfurt tomorrow. excited about the trip, annoyed at having to chase down small chores, like the returning of recalled library books, and a parking pass for my new, crazy busy street. i’m determined to be able to pack as light as smaro kamboureli, who goes on great journeys with the smallest of suitcases.

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