hippie multi vegan culti

i ate sushi tonight (today? tonight? it’s all dark and wet regardless) at one of the many sushi places that populate the drive. they are mostly mom and pop operations, run by chinese or korean immigrants. i was sitting there, slurping my miso soup, when a cute young white girl walked in wearing a baggy toque, thick glasses and a funky coat. in a loud, determined voice she ordered avocado roll, yam tempura roll and a couple of inari. “please make sure there’s no mayonnaise in any of the maki,” she said to the woman who runs the shop.

“maki?” said the woman.

“you know,” said the girl. “rolls. please make sure there’s no mayonnaise.”

“no mayonnaise in the rolls,” said the woman, nodding gravely.

oh yes. at so many levels i know i am in vancouver.

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