Big huge thank-yous to Roy Miki, David Chariandy and Sophie McCall for making Friday’s reading such a great experience. Your tireless commitment to the residency and to the community are amazing. And I am so grateful for your faith in me. Thanks also to Glen Lowry for his smart and insightful interview questions. And to Eileen Kage for her seamless, competent tech work, and to Laura McDonald for running the front of house. Sometimes I am utterly awed by my own good fortune, to be in the company and community of so many amazing people. There were many thinkers and makers in the audience as well, some of whom I’ve known and respected for years, and other whose young, bright energy and intelligence really makes me excited about the future. Enjoyed sharing my work. It was strange though, to talk about oneself for such a long time. I’d like to organize something soon that is a gathering of people among whose work there are conversations with my work and with one another’s work. I am still amazed by what the city has become in the years that I’ve been away. How some, though sadly not all, of the (good)dreams of the anti-racist movements are coming true.

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