good water, crappy air kafkanada

stranded in montreal. it’ll have taken 3 days to get back to vancouver from miami, courtesy of our national airline. flight pass? don’t believe the hype. the seat is more important than the body that fills it.
still, great to see monika and scott, and a very grown-up and beautiful olivia.
and had a fab time in miami with rita, walter and ashok. cuban roasted pork, pwason neg, south beach, lincoln ave art studios, snorkelling the reef at key largo, kayaking mangroves, fruit and spice park, mojitos in coconut grove. good class visit at u miami, talking about politics and poetry. sunlight and palm trees, lots and lots, to warm the vancouver damp and dark out of my heart.
one thing about spending a whole heck of a lot of time at the airport– i get work done. diss to book pretty much there, and i think sybil unrest, the collaborative pome with rita is in the bag. prepped my paper for sneja gunew’s conference on asian canadian women at ubc next week, and am organizing a reading for chris lee and the conference “refracting pacific canada” for later this month. also looks like i’ll be in germany and spain later in april for a few talks and readings. cool. burning up all cash i was paid for my archive though. have i mentioned that? sfu special collections is collecting my papers. i feel real.

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