Future ‘Couv

The interview with Eric Rankin for the Think Vancouver series on CBC was lots of fun. Got to give my whimsical conjecture on the future of the city. They did lots of fun graphic inserts of a future Vancouver in which Bladerunner/Metropolis-esque flying vehicles swoop in and through the skyscrapers.

Here’s a snip of my vision:

May be it will be like Sao Paolo, where the rich never touch the ground but fly from rooftop to rooftop (thanks Sabine, for that one!)– while on the ground, there is nothing but squalor. People will continue to fight for safe injection sites, but those with power will never have to see it. They’ll go to their own private clinics to avoid the madness and road rage, and get fresh organs from the countless traffic accidents and not-so-accidents happening in the pumped up, drugged up streets below Those who can’t afford housing will, as in Timothy Taylor’s vision, move into Stanley Park, and foment revolution in the old growth. While all the undocumented labourers who can’t get in, will band their rusty ships together in a Neal Stephenson-esque Raft. A drug will be invented that allows the Stanley Park people and the Raft people to communicate, and to change their outer landscapes instead of their inner ones…

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