The Magical Writer: QTIPOC Authors Dissect Magic Realism at VFA


Saturday October 01, 2022    
3:30 - 4:45 pm PDT

As a genre, magic realism feels like a blessing and a curse. It offers space to marginalized folks to tell their stories without feeling triggered by it, and open space for a richer approach to imagination. Yet, it also feels like a stamp of approval for us to reach a wider audience, an evaluation of the magical Indian, the capable Black, the exotic Arab, or the mysterious Asian troupes.

In this online panel at the Victoria Festival of Authors, we will be discussing the origin of the term, asking ourselves if we identify with it, and looking at the relationship between QTIPOC authors and the way the term is understood by the mainstream White, heteronormative society.

Curator Danny Ramadan brings together some of the most exciting voices in Canada: Joshua Whitehead (Johnny Appleseed, Making Love with the Land), Larissa Lai (The Tiger Flu, Iron Goddess of Mercy), and Rasiqra Revulva (Cephalopography 2.0).

Curated and moderated by Danny Ramadan

This event is captioned.

Sat, 1 October 2022, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM PDT

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