Calgary’s Last Hurrah

Here’s a few pics from my visit to Calgary, to really stick a fork in it. I’m officially an official Doctor. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the ceremony, but actually it felt really great to do the ritual. Aruna Srivastava and Mary Polito were there as part of the officiating party, and Adrienne Kertzer held the role of announcer (are there official titles for these things?) who declared the names of the PhDs as they crossed the stage.

Wish I had my camera with me the day I went to visit Jay and Carmen and my now very chatty 18-month-old godson, Lochlan. Between Lochie and my three-year-old friend Maya, I am re-learning the joy of indoor tents.

Jason Christie, hiding out from Andrea, with mustard for some reason…

Ghostly Chris, potent potion. The KP is a special place.

Paul and Jill– Sweet party, thanks you two!

creepy Travis, spooked-out Sandy– some things never change

Natalee Caple and Jeremy Leipert had twins this year! Here’s Dr. Me, with Master Jeremy and the twins, Imogen and Cassius, right after convocation.

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