belated self-promotion

I need to work on ruthless, but in the meantime artless will have to do.

If you’re in the UBC vicinity tomorrow evening, I’m reading and speaking as part of a series put on by Patricia Robertson, the writer-in-residence at Green College. The series is called “Is Fiction an Endangered Species?” I feel very honoured to be sitting on a panel called Words Tamed and Untamed: When We Were Stories” with Robert Bringhurst and Linda Harvey. We’ll be talking about traditional storytelling and the role of fiction in contemporary culture. It runs from 8 – 9:30 pm at the Green College Coach House on the UBC campus.

If out and proud is more your style, come to Little Sister’s this Thursday. I’m reading with Nairne Holtz, one of the editors of No Margins, and the illustrious Marion Douglas, who was the very first person I ever went on tour with.

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